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About Us (But it’s not really about us.)

It’s actually all about YOU.  We put our clients’ needs first.  What a concept!  Elzetta operates under a Golden Rule manufacturing philosophy; Build flashlights for others the way you would have others build flashlights for you.  We have thus created The Toughest Flashlights on the Planet, built-to-order in the USA with the modular components you choose.  We even offer personalized Custom Shop laser engraving.  We don’t pretend to know what’s best for you.  You tell us how to build your flashlight and we deliver.

Elzetta Flashlight Mounts for rifles and shotguns are made with the same dedication to quality, durability, and American craftsmanship as our Flashlights.  Take a look around our website and you will see that we do things differently.  Better yet, get your hands on some Elzetta Tactical Lighting products and experience the Elzetta Difference yourself.

Have questions or comments?  Contact us and receive a prompt reply from an English-speaking U.S. citizen at the factory.  God bless America!

Contact Us

Elzetta Design, LLC

PO Box 54364

Lexington, KY 40555

Phone: 1-859-707-7471

Email: info@ELZETTA.com