Elzetta ZSM Frequently Asked Questions:

What flashlights will work with Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount?

Every Elzetta ZSM comes with Sizing Adapters, giving the Flashlight Mount the ability to hold flashlights from 0.70 to 1.05 inches in diameter (18 to 26 mm).  This includes flashlights from popular manufacturers such as InForce®, Streamlight®, Pelican®, Laser Devices®, SureFire®, and of course, Elzetta Flashlights.  (Sizing Adapters are not required when using an Elzetta Flashlight or other 1-inch Light.)

What advantage does the Quick-Release Thumb Screw offer?

The Quick-Release Thumb Screw allows flashlights to be installed and removed rapidly and without tools.  A coin or other flat object may be used to tighten the Thumb Screw.  Thumb Screw Model shown below.

From what material is the ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount made?

The Elzetta ZSM is made from the same advanced glass-filled polymer that has proven itself in the popular Elzetta ZFH1500 Flashlight Mount for AR15 rifles.

What are the advantages of this material?

This glass-filled polymer provides outstanding durability, impact resistance, scratch resistance and light weight.  It also withstands high temperatures, vibration, and most chemicals.

Will the Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount work with my shotgun?

The Elzetta ZSM will work with Remington 870, Remington 1100, Remington 1187, Mossberg 500, Mossberg 590, Mossberg 590A1, Mossberg 835, Mossberg 930 SPX, Benelli M1, Benelli M2, Benelli M3, Benelli M4, Benelli Nova, Benelli Super Nova, Winchester Defender, and many other shotguns that have 1-3/4″ (44 mm) of free space on the OEM magazine tube and barrel.  (OEM magazine tubes for these manufacturers are one-inch (25 mm) in diameter.  The Elzetta ZSM is not compatible with magazine tubes of larger diameters.)

What Gauge Shotguns will work with the Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount?

The Elzetta ZSM is designed for 12-Gauge Shotguns and also comes with Gauge Adapters that allow the Elzetta ZSM to be used with 20-Gauge. (does not fit Mossberg .410 models).

Will the Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount attach to either side of the gun?

Yes, the Elzetta ZSM can be mounted to either side of the shotgun to accommodate left-handed or right- handed shooters.

Will the Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount resist movement under recoil?

Yes, the Elzetta ZSM has been tested extensively under harsh recoil.  When installed correctly, the Elzetta ZSM will not move under recoil nor allow the flashlight to move.  See the video demonstration below.

Is a Sling Swivel Accessory available for the Elzetta ZSM?

Yes, Heavy-Duty Quick-Disconnect Sling Swivel Kits are available for use with the Elzetta ZSM Shotgun Flashlight Mount.  Each kit provides an industry-standard QD Sling Swivel mounted in a low-profile position opposite the flashlight (see photo below).  The kits are available in Limited Rotation (Swivel locks in vertical or horizontal position) and Full Rotation (Swivel is free to rotate 360 degrees).

Can I add a laser or other accessory with the Elzetta ZSM?

For attaching additional accessories, such as a compact laser, the ZPR8700 Rail Accessory Kit is available which provides a hard anodized 5-slot Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny Rail on the side of the ZSM.

Where is the Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount made?

All Elzetta products, including the ZSM, are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA using American materials, tooling, and labor.  God bless America!