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Alpha 1-Cell Modular Flashlights

Alpha 1-Cell Modular Flashlights

Alpha Models produce 415 lumens from a single CR123A battery.  At only 4-inches long, these compact powerhouses are perfect for everyday carry (EDC), pocket carry, and other applications where small size and high output are required.

Bravo 2-Cell Modular Flashlights

Bravo 2-Cell Modular Flashlights

Bravo Models operate on two CR123A batteries, produce 650 lumens of nuetral-tint light and can be configured in 24 variations.  With such tremendous flexibility, the Bravo series is our best-selling line of flashlights.

Elzetta 3-Cell Modular Flashlights

Charlie 3-Cell Modular Flashlights

Charlie models deliver 900 honest lumens operating on three CR123A batteries for outstanding output and runtime.  Long enough for a full hand grip yet compact enough to carry every day, the Charlie line is the way to go when high performance is the ultimate goal.

Mini-CQB Modular Weaponlights

Bones Flashlight

Elzetta Bones is a bare bones, no frills flashlight with legendary Elzetta performance and durability.  It produces 650 lumens and is compatible with 18650 rechargeable batteries.  Operation is bone-simple.  There are no secondary modes and on/off is achieved with a basic push-button that operates like a common ballpoint pen.