Configuration Complete: Model A323 is your Light to be!

Model A123 features a convenient High-Low Tailcap, a Crenellated Bezel Ring, and our unique Alpha Flood Lens.  Its 415 lumens are dispersed widely to illuminate a large area for close range work.  ‘Low’ mode reduces output significantly for reading and other at-hand tasks while the aggressive bezel can be used as a strike implement for self defense.  See detailed description and technical specifications below.

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The Elzetta A323 is an amazing personal tactical flashlight.  Its High-Low Tailcap unleashes 415 diffuse lumens when the Tailcap is completely screwed on (fully clockwise) and dials output down to a reasonable 15 lumens when Low Mode is engaged by simply unscrewing the Tailcap anywhere from a few degrees to 1/4 turn.  No multiple clicks or precise movements are required.  See our blog post on User Interface for a demonstration of this unique system.

The Elzetta A323 is great for everyday carry (EDC) in urban environments.  It uses a Crenellated Bezel Ring that can be implemented as a self defense tool by twisting it into a perp.  The unique flood lens produces a wide uniform beam pattern for close-up work.  The neutral-tint light provides excellent color rendition and a natural view of the illuminated area.  ‘Low’ mode reduces output substantially and is perfect for reading and other at-hand tasks.  Power is supplied by a single CR123A battery (included).  Made diligently in USA and guaranteed forever.

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