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Configuration Complete: You gotta see Model B313!

Model B313 is a great compact tactical LED flashlight with practicality for everyday carry.  The Crenellated Bezel stands ready for self defense duty while the High-Low Tailcap provides a kinder gentler ‘Low’ mode when threats are at bay.  Output is 235 lumens.  Runtime is 2.5 hours.  See detailed description and technical specifications below.

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Model B313 is imminently practical yet highly effective for self defense.  Its easy-to-use High-Low Tailcap can alternate between a 235 lumen high beam and a useful 15 lumen low beam.  No multiple button presses are required.  Simply screw the Tailcap all the way on for ‘High’ and loosen it a bit (anywhere from a few degrees to 1/4 turn) to engage ‘Low’.  Once you try it, you will never use anything else (see our blog post on User Interface for a demonstration).

When things get hairy the Crenellated Bezel of the B313 can be used as a strike implement to ward off unwelcome visitors.  The Malkoff M60 LED Module keeps going and going with a runtime of 2.5 hours in ‘High’ from two CR123A batteries (included).  All electronics are potted and beam projection is handled by a solid acrylic optical lens, not a reflector, so legendary Elzetta durability and reliability are assured.  Manufactured in the USA with a Golden Rule philosophy.  Guaranteed for life.

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