Alpha High Low Tailcap


Alpha High-Low Tailcap for Alpha and Mini-CQB Models.


The Alpha High/Low Tailcap works on all Alpha and Mini-CQB Models. In addition to the regular High Beam of 415 lumens, this Tailcap provides a reduced output Low Beam of approximately 15 lumens. Elzetta’s unique decoupled binary user interface eliminates the troublesome multi-click switching of lesser flashlights and permits selection of operating mode (High or Low) independently from On/Off functionality. When the Tailcap is completely screwed on (fully clockwise) the full output High Beam is produced. When the Tailcap is loosened slightly (anywhere from a few degrees to 1/4 turn) Low Mode is engaged. The latching push-button controls On/Off only. This user interface is simple, convenient, and reliable. See our blog post on User Interface for a demonstration.  Made in USA.