Click Tailcap


Near-silent Click Tailcap fits all Elzetta Lights.


Despite its name, our Click Tailcap is very quiet in operation. Working much like a common ballpoint pen, the push-button provides momentary activation when pressed lightly and latches for constant-on with a longer harder press.  The switch unlatches with another press of the button.  With no secondary modes or alternate actions required, the Click Tailcap is the simplest way to control a flashlight.  On and Off.  That’s it.  Unlike clicky tailcaps found in lesser flashlights, the Elzetta Click Tailcap is nearly silent; an important feature in a tactical Light (see blog post on Sound for an explanation).  A demonstration of the Click Tailcap (as well as all other Elzetta Tailcap options) may be seen in our blog post on Tailcap Options.  Made in USA.