ZSS8700 Sling Swivel Kit


ZSS8700 QD Sling Swivel Kit attaches to ZSM Shotgun Flashlight Mount for rapid installation & removal of slings.

Rotation Option *

Full Rotation model allows Sling Swivel to spin 360-degrees. Limited Rotation model locks Sling Swivel in horizontal or vertical position.

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ZSS8700 Quick Disconnect (QD) Sling Swivel Kit provides a heavy-duty parkerized QD sling swivel and mating socket to be attached to an Elzetta ZSM Shotgun Flashlight Mount.  This facilitates the rapid installation and removal of a sling from the front of the shotgun.  Available in Full Rotation (provides free and natural movement) and Limited Rotation (locks sling swivel in place to minimize sling twisting).  ZSM Shotgun Flashlight Mount sold separately.  Made in USA.